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Access hard money fix and flip loans from Tower Fund Capital. Our 5-star rated loan agency provides funding that makes it possible to by a fixer-upper and flip it long before your loan is due. Don't let a great investment opportunity pass you buy; apply for a hard money loan from Tower Fund Capital with 24-hour approval.

All you have to do is watch some home and garden channels online, or on television, and you will see there is plenty of good money to make when flipping houses. However, getting the finances you need to get off the ground is the challenge for many people. A conventional mortgage is generally designed to be given by traditional lenders for a long-term residence. This makes them the wrong type of loan for an investment property. For many people looking to get into this field to make money, hard money fix and flip loans are just right to fill that gap.

Get A Hard Money Loan Fast

You may be wondering what a fix and flip loan is. These are short-term loans for real estate investments so that you can buy and renovate a property to sell at a profit. Many people do this over a span of 12 to 18th months. While some investors may use a conventional loan or a line of credit as a way to finance such a project, the best private lenders can give you quality hard money loans for real estate investments.

Usually, hard money fix and flip loans get used to buying a residential property either at foreclosure or auction. You may also look to these non-traditional lenders when you wish to finance an upgrade or renovation or cover some other expenses often associated with owning the property.

What Is The Difference Between Hard Money And Conventional Loans

A fix and flip lending situation is precisely what it says. They are for renovating and reselling properties in a short time frame. With a traditional home loan, you would have a long-term investment designed to help you buy a home that will serve your needs for decades.

What About Construction Loans?

You may wonder if a construction loan is required when renovating and flipping a house. Top mortgage lenders can go over all of the fine details with you, but it is relatively straightforward. Many flips will involve some level of construction, so your loan funds can quickly get used to addressing these needs. By contrast, new construction loans are usually for buying a new commercial or residential property.

Despite this difference, a lot of the processes and terms may be the same for construction and fix and flip loans. This is because the smart option for each of these is usually a hard money loan. When flipping houses, just like a new construction loan, you benefit from the flexibility and speed that a hard money lender can provide.

Do you wish to know more about hard money fix and flip loans or how you can get started? We are here to review all your options at Tower Fund Capital. It is vital that you get a loan tailored to your needs and we can address all questions or concerns you have about the process, what is required, and how funding takes place. Get in touch with us today by calling (646) 564-3499 or signing up for a consultation on our website at your earliest convenience.


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