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Speak with a hard money lender from Tower Fund Capital when you need cash to purchase a home, fix & flip, refinance, or to avoid foreclosure. We offer loan terms up to 24 months on mixed use properties, residential land, condos, and 1-4 family residences. Find out more about a hard money loan on our website.

Everyone loves a good episode of a successful real estate project. Most people do not realize that most of these quick and easy projects are backed by a powerful financing system. The hard money loan is preferable when you want to push a project forward faster and reduce the risk of delays because the traditional mortgage process takes too long.

Reasons Hard Money Loans Are A Good Idea

A hard money loan, also called a rehab loan, is backed by an asset that acts as collateral on the buyer's side. It is an excellent option for investors who want small amounts of money that they do not hold any longer than three months. As lenders, we are primarily uninterested in your history and financial portfolio and prefer to look at your current assets and how they serve as collaterals.

Is A Hard Money Loan A Good Idea?

Hard money loans are credible options for both new and established business people. The conventional loan presents several limitations to a speedy investment process, and you would instead get a hard money loan if you do not meet all of the requirements.

Tips For Choosing A Hard Money Lender

Find A Specialized Lender

Do you have an idea of lenders to choose for your hard money loan? Scroll through each website to verify that they specialize in hard money loans and have the expertise to tailor one that suits your needs. You will find that many lenders offer more than one type of hard money loan, which is excellent if you have a unique financing need for your residential, business, or investment property.

Check The Reviews

Private lenders solve complex scenarios that a typical mortgage financing company cannot handle. Push yourself to review these lenders' reviews, and you will know whether they are qualified to match your needs. As you go on with your search, you should be able to know if they have kept their end of the contract with past deals, professionalism, and customer support services.

Focus on choosing a lender that offers the best value and not one that has the lowest rates. The best-qualified firm will have expert services backed by a solid reputation and honesty. We can provide you with additional information to verify our expertise in the industry, so you can accurately perceive how we run our lending business.

Pick A Speedy Funding And Approval Process

Loan servicing loans assist you to better your project by availing yourself of the type of money you would not get on your own. There is a high level of comfort in choosing a hard money lender with a reputation for offering speedy approval and funding. Ask about the exact time frame it takes to go through the entire process, and you will quickly establish whether the lender can help you expedite your construction or renovation project.

Are you ready to get started with consultation on our complex money lending services? Contact us to book a free appointment on hard money loans for real estate investments.

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