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Investor Projects That We Backed

Asset Value

Loan Value

Tower Fund Capital has a reputation for approving hard money lending applications for our clients. Our no-document loan program eliminates the need for financial qualifications or a minimum credit score. The only qualifier to your loan's approval is the true value of the asset you wish to purchase. Apply for a loan on our website to get started.

Do you recall the disappointment when you turned down financial institutions? It is important to remember that other options with attributes favor your preferred lending style. Do not settle for any lender because the market is full of alternatives with rich options for your relevant proper project.

Tower Fund Capital offers a rich experience and has a sizeable amount of capital to support bid real estate projects. You do not want to work with a small company that does not understand the dynamics of the business and has shallow familiarity with the legislation and regulation protocols of your real estate deals.

Things To Consider When Interviewing A Hard Money Lender

The Loan To Value Ratio For Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Investments

One of the most significant aspects of hard money lending is the LTV because you want a loan option that offers the most significant opportunity to get good value from the investment. Please do not assume that all lenders offer reasonable rates because most will keep changing the rate to match their benefits and economic status. You must confirm that the LTV was calculated from the ARV, not the purchase price. The problem with the arduous money lending process will determine the amount of interest you will pay and whether the loan is financially beneficial to your investment.

Check The Property Type

The best private lenders may sometimes look at the properties you want to buy or invest in before they grant you the loan. The home style will usually influence the price, which, in turn, affects the loan's value. A hard money lender should help you confirm how much you can get through the lending process and alternatives to support your investment.


Location Of The Property

Lenders tend to limit themselves to specific geographical areas because they want to align their business with a familiar business setup. We assess the target market to make sure that the economy matches our financial goals and that our clients will be able to realize their desired goals within reasonable timeframes. There are significant benefits of working with local lenders such as Tower Fund Capital, such as easy access to our communication team and better rates regarding taxes and interest rates.

Establish The Loan Requirements

A large item to consider when getting a loan is the loan amount. Broadly, hard moneylenders are more lenient than mortgage lenders, so you will only meet half or less of the set conditions.

You also want to verify the amount of interest accrued after the loan's term and the repayment model when it is time to repay. Some loans require you to pay the interest for a couple of months or years before you can complete the entire repayment process.

Who Is The Right Hard Money Lender For You?

Our non-traditional lenders have favorable loan rates and all the licenses needed to operate in the state. Our kind of funding is flexible for a wide array of investors and is readily available to all kinds of borrowers.

Do you want to get a hard money loan fast? Contact our top mortgage lenders to start your real estate investment journey via a free consultation session.

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