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Apply for a hard money loan online from Tower Fund Capital when you need money to purchase a home or commercial property or as a refinance loan. We make getting funding easy, with no credit score minimums or financial qualifiers; in fact, the only qualifier to your loan is the true value of the asset.

Are you looking for some extra money to support the financial hardships of a property? Many different loan options are available, and each offers a different type of benefit for your situation. We are non-traditional lenders who mainly deal with hard money loans for different real estate matters. Please keep reading to learn more about all our different types of loans.

Types Of Property Loans From Tower Fund Capital

Hard Money Loan

A hard money loan is a unique fund offered by a private company or an individual because it is not available through the bank. The most significant difference between hard money loans and other forms is that they are easier to acquire and, therefore, more easily accessible to people without strong credit scores.

The hard money loans do not factor in the same conditions as standard mortgages, but they will still look at some of the same things. When choosing a hard money loan, some things to consider are the DTI, LTV ratio, home equity, among many more. The approval process of a hard money loan will depend on one’s ability to prove that they can pay back the loan within the stipulated time. Overall, hard money loans should be easier to get, so you will automatically have an easier time with these loans than with traditional mortgages.

Note that hard money lenders do not dig into your financial prowess but will use the home as collateral. You can get a larger loan from the hard money lender if you make regular payments with the set interest rates.

Purchase Money Loan

This loan is a preferred option for lenders that do not have a healthy credit score and have trouble getting mortgages. It would help if you still went through the appraisal process to ensure you are paying the right amount for your property.

You can use this loan to make up for the difference that the bank’s mortgage loan will not cover or to get a purchase money loan from the seller. Be sure to let the best private lenders know about your purchase arrangements, and we will find a setup that favors your specific needs.

Fix And Flip Loans

Fix and flip loans are short-term loans that you borrow to make improvements on a property before putting it back on the market or moving back in. A fixed and flip loan can be used for residential homes, commercial buildings like schools, and many more areas. You should get this loan when you want to upgrade a property quickly to resell it for profit or before a new renter moves in and wants specific features in the home.

Bridge Loan

The short-term loan offers funding and capital for about a couple of months to one year. The loan gives you extra access to money you need in an emergency, such as when moving homes or replacing the traditional loan.

Are you interested in hard money loans for real estate investments? Contact our top mortgage lenders to get started with a consultation.

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