Putting Investors at the Helm of the Process

At Tower Fund Capital, our goal is to ensure that the investor gets the highest possible return on their investment, while realizing liquidity, and a safe environment.


Our investors, receive an Annualized Preferred Rate of Return on their money as well as protection of being the Primary Lien Holder of the collateral at hand.lus revenue.

There are three major differences that set Tower Fund Capital apart from other private equity groups


  • Investor Owned Asset

Tower Fund Capital offers a unique platform to the investor to fractionally own the asset and thus ensuring that no one can take it away.


  • Large Equity to Asset Proportion

Due to the unsurpassed knowledge of the market place and private finance business, each asset is secured with more than enough equity and even if the real estate market takes a downturn, there will be more than enough to weather the storm.

  • High Guaranteed Yield Plus Profit-Share

Being that hard money lending is a very lucrative niche and could yield high returns, our investors enjoy a guaranteed preferred rate on a monthly basis, plus participate in profit-sharing on semi-annual basis on TFC’s surplus revenue.

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