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Adam Kalish, Esq

Real Estate Attorney

I have worked with Tower Fund Capital in acquiring bridge loans for my clients since 2017.  It is the most straight forward reliable lender in providing bridge loan services.  I find them to be highly efficient with rates that beat the competition.  Ed is always hands-on and able to provide open communication as to where in the loan process his team is and reasonable expectations as to getting to the closing.  I look forward to working with Ed and his team in the future.    

Michael Denniston

Mortgage Banker

I've worked multiple hard money deals for my clients with Ed and Tower Fund Capital. Ed's a straight-shooter. No guesswork. He does what he says he's going to do. The rates are good and the service is excellent. I highly recommend Ed and Tower Capital and look forward to closing future deals with them. 

Jade McQueen


Choosing a hard money lender is not easy and what's best for you may be different than what's best for someone else. Tower Fund Capital is fast reliable and has an easy closing system. They closed my refinance in 4 days .. Do your due diligence when finding a hard money lender and you will find out that Tower Fund Capital pricing and speed is one of the best !!!!

I've been in the mortgage business for 20+ years.  I know real hard money when I see it.  My experience with Tower Fund Capital...same day LOI's (usually within 1 hour of submitting the loan application), competitive interest rates, reasonable lender's fees, flexible and creative loan structuring, protected broker's fee, and super fast closings with NO BS!  And their closing attorney is excellent at getting all parties to the table quickly.  I can say without hesitation, not only have I closed all loans I've submitted to Tower Fund Capital, and they are usually ready to close before I am.  When do you ever see that in this business?  Tower Fund Capital is real hard money, real fast.

Dan Newell

Mortgage Broker

Juwel Isaac 


Working with Ed and his team was an overall straightforward and streamlined process because they truly offer a "no-doc" loan product. As an investor, time and money are important and Tower Fund Capital fully understands this!

Elliott Levine

President, Stellar Capital Solutions, Inc

I would like to take this time to thank you and Tower Fund Capital for the seamless funding experience. The professionalism, and honesty from day 1with Tower Fund Capital is the exception within the private lending industry. Your team set the proper expectations up from the initial loan stages and the rate, term and fees never changed. The loan moved quickly without any hiccups and the funding took place with exceptional speed without any issues. It’s very difficult to find a reputable lender within the private lending industry and your team had gone above in beyond in all aspects of the lending process. Kudos to you and the Tower Fund Capital team. I am looking forward towards funding many more deals together.

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