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Your search for hard money lenders near me has brought you to Tower Fund Capital, one of the most reputable lenders in the business. We can provide 24-hour approval on your loan with a quick 10-day closing when you need to move fast on a property. Feel free to speak with our team over the phone or contact us through our website.

What comes to mind when you think about hard money lenders or loans for real estate investments? Several shady businesses in the past have tarnished the name of hard money loans by robbing people of their assets or charging sky-high rates and fees. Hard money lenders in the market today have a lot to prove when they are just starting their tenure because clients want to see that they can offer a good amount of loans and maintain transparent working schedules.

All You Need To Know About Us As Hard Money Lenders Near Me

Hard money lending is a convenient alternative to traditional loans because it covers the gaps that commonly limit access to funds. Unlike a standard mortgage, you can get a bridge loan or any other hard money loan without looking at your credit score and other standard prerequisites.

Tower Fund Capital takes a high risk in offering hard money loans and uses collateral properties to make sure we can grant you any amount of loan. Our biggest concern is that we offer flexible property deals, help you avoid foreclosure, and set your business up to expedite the house flip and other instances that allow for fast returns.

Our History In Business

Our brokerage firm started running in 1989 and progressed to being a mortgage broker in 1994. As non-traditional lenders, they have dabbled in several kinds of real estate businesses, including rental properties, mergers, acquisitions, and providing liquidity to different real estate entities.

Deals That Benefit From Our Hard Money Loans

Borrowers can get money from us for any project or property type. We will process the loan according to the home's value and other details about the intent of the loan on the property. Some loans are not accessible to owner-occupied residential properties, but we have a few alternatives that are just as useful. Some of the projects serviced by our hard money loans include:

  • Fix and flip

  • Land

  • Construction

  • Renovations on rental investments

  • Buying a home with bad credit

How Our Best Private Lenders Handle Hard Money Loan Cases

In most cases, we can avail of these loans within a couple of days when you meet the correct application requirements. The ability to obtain the loan faster depends on the details of your application and the status of the asset in question. A borrower with a healthy income and looking for conventional financing without the stressful conditions of a mortgage is much better for getting faster approval.

Nonetheless, we still have a competitive lending system that researches your conditions and finds a loan type, interest rates, and points that will bring the best value to your property.

Do you want to get a hard money loan fast? There are many different ways for us to process your loan, and we invite you to speak with one of the lending professionals in the network to obtain more specific consultation.

Contact our top mortgage lenders to book a personalized consultation on our complex money lending services for different properties.


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